What distinguishes our tea

We place great emphasis on quality and taste in our tea. Our products are made from high-quality ingredients and carefully processed to guarantee you an aromatic and soothing tea experience.

Regular quality controls

We regularly check our products for their properties, such as taste and appearance

Observance of social production standards

We belong to the German Tea & Herbal Tea Association, which has been promoting sustainability and other elements in the tea industry for over 50 years

Participate in development processes in the tea industry

We bring innovation to the tea industry with our unique products

Tea flowers

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The path of our ErblühTee

Discover the path of our ErblühTee all the way to your teapot.

Exclusive products

Creano offers a wide range of high-quality and exclusive tea, coffee and glass design products.

Blossoming tea specialist

Creano specialises in heirloom tea and offers a wide range of different varieties .

Quality assurance

Creano attaches great importance to quality and product safety and is a member of the German Tea Association .


Developers of the ErblühTee

We offer the fascination ErblühTee as white tea, black tea and green tea in a wide range of varieties and as sets.

Erblühtee - The Art of Tea Enjoyment

What is flowering tea and where does it come from?

Flowering tea is a special type of tea that consists of dried flowers and leaves. It is also called flower tea or tea flower. Blossom tea is prepared in a glass pot or mug by placing a ball of the dried material in hot water. The ball then slowly opens to reveal the flowers hidden inside. The result is a visual and taste experience that appeals to all the senses.

Erblüh tea originates from China, where it has been appreciated as an art form and gift for centuries. Making heirloom tea requires a lot of skill and patience, as each ball is tied by hand. The flowers are carefully selected and combined to create different flavours and colours. Erblühtee is an ideal choice for those who want to treat themselves to something special.

Erblühtetee is designed for one pot and can be brewed several times. Erblühteelini is suitable for one cup and has a practical thread to take out. Both come in different varieties, enhanced with fine flavours and exotic blossoms. Erblühtee and Erblühteelini are not only a treat for the palate, but also for the eye. They are the perfect gift idea for all tea lovers.

Quality controls

Creano GmbH is a member of the German Tea Association

As a member of the German Tea and Herbal Tea Association, we are subject to the "Code of Conduct". This includes social guidelines in the production chain as well as regulations regarding residue controls of the tea products. Our aim is to produce and trade goods that are free of residues as far as possible, beyond what is required by law.

What our customers say

tasty and good tea

A beautiful souvenir and inspires in any form!

Visually very beautiful and also very productive as you can draw up to three infusions from one flower.

I have been ordering this tea for several years now and it is always a great spectacle to watch the tea lumen.

Great gift for tea drinkers

Such beautiful flowers! A dream!

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