Creano Tea Maker (single-walled) +3 Set Herbal/Fruit Tea | 400 ml


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  • Contains a teamaker made of high-quality borosilicate glass with a capacity of 400 ml
  • Features a stainless steel lid with an integrated stainless steel strainer that can be easily removed for aromatic tea enjoyment
  • Comes with a set of 3 herbal/fruit teas in the flavours Strawberry Mint, Exotic Fruits and Gentle Lime, each containing 60 g
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About Creano

We, a young owner-managed family business, see ourselves less as a classic problem solver of everyday items, rather it is our passion to create products that manage to surprise you and bring a smile to you or the recipient. Because it was not expected that a tea infusion could be as exciting as that of our ErblühTee. The recipient could not have guessed that the tea tastes fantastic and looks so enchanting in the small pot, because he or she had never seen ErblühTee before.

Learn that a thermo-teamaker is so much more than an ordinary "tea maker".

We get all this positive feedback and anecdotes every day. Thank you, because that's what drives us to keep creating products for you that give you such great pleasure.

Creano Tea Blends

Exotic fruits 60g - Fruit tea blend with fruity sweet taste

Ingredients: Hibiscus blossoms, rose hips, pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, acidifier: citric acid), mango pieces (mango, sugar, acidifier: citric acid), carrot pieces, mandarin pieces (mandarin, cane sugar, acidifier: citric acid), apple pieces, coconut chips, flavouring, strawberry slices, tea.


The Creano Teamaker

Enjoy your tea with the stylish Creano Teamaker in black, grey, pink, purple, green and turquoise with a capacity of 400ml!
The Teamaker was developed for all those tea drinkers who like to drink tea and don't want to do without it in the office or on the road. The tea maker can be used to prepare loose tea, herbal tea, fruit tea or iced tea. Simply fill the strainer with the desired tea, close the lid and turn the entire teamaker upside down. After the desired brewing time, turn it upside down again, drain and enjoy. Delicious fruit spritzers can also be made with fresh fruit in the Teamaker (Fruit Infuser).
The glass is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The tea maker is equipped with a robust stainless steel strainer and lid. When tightly closed, the Teamaker is 100 % leak-proof and therefore leak-proof for on the go!
The stylish neoprene cover gives the Teamaker a firm stand and supports the handling during tea preparation. The large glass opening with a diameter of approx. 5.5 cm also allows you to drink directly from the glass.

The preparation

  1. Step: Twist the strainer off the lid and fill with tea
  2. Step: Attach the filled sieve to the lid by turning it.
  3. Step: Fill the teacup with hot water and screw on the lid with the sieve.
  4. Step: Turn the teacup upside down and enjoy the tea

Suitable for preparing all kinds of teas. Easy to operate and simple to clean.


  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Scratch and shock resistant
  • Stainless steel sieve and lid
  • Neoprene bag
  • Capacity 400ml

Creano Tea Blends

Gentle Lime 60g - Herbal tea blend of fruits, rooibos and lime-flavoured herbs

Ingredients: Apple pieces, white bean peel, berry leaves (blackberry leaves, blackcurrant leaves), nettle leaves, peppermint, spearmint, strawberry pieces, flavouring.


Creano Tea Blends

Gentle Lime 60g - Herbal tea blend of fruits, rooibos and lime-flavoured herbs

Ingredients: Apple pieces, rose hip peels, citrus slices, citrus peels, sunflower leaves, strawberry slices, lemongrass, strawberry pieces, acidifier citric acid, flavouring.



Scope of delivery:

  • 1x teamaker
  • 3x Tea Blends herbs/fruit tea (180 grams in total)

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Creano Tea Maker (single-walled) +3 Set Herbal/Fruit Tea | 400 ml

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