Creano tea flower variation in exclusive cup format "ErblühTeelini" - 8 tea flowers in 4 different varieties (white tea)


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  • Contains 8 white tea blossom teelini in four different flavours with peach, vanilla, jasmine and lemon.
  • Each Teelini has an integrated cotton thread for easy handling like a tea bag
  • Each teelini contains an artistic blossom that unfolds when infused, offering a fascinating spectacle
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About Creano

We, a young owner-managed family business, see ourselves less as a classic problem solver of everyday items, rather it is our passion to create products that manage to surprise you and bring a smile to you or the recipient. Because it was not expected that a tea infusion could be as exciting as that of our ErblühTee. The recipient could not have guessed that the tea tastes fantastic and looks so enchanting in the small pot, because he or she had never seen ErblühTee before.

Learn that a thermo-teamaker is so much more than an ordinary "tea maker".

We get all this positive feedback and anecdotes every day. Thank you, because that's what drives us to keep creating products for you that give you such great pleasure.

World novelty and exclusive to Creano

The revolutionary novelty lies in the combination of cup-portioned ErblühTee with integrated cotton thread, which allows easy handling like a tea bag.

The BlossomingTeelini

A Teelini is a finely flavoured ErblühTee in a format specially developed for use as a cup portion. A Teelini is an ErblühTee that is easy to handle like a tea bag. Inside the ball is an exotic blossom artfully bound in. But the ball only reveals its secret when it is placed in a cup of boiling hot water.

The experience

The ErblühTee offers the connoisseur an extraordinary experience: inside the ball is an artfully bound exotic blossom. However, the ball only reveals its secret when it is placed in a vessel with boiling hot water. It slowly begins to open and at the end of the infusion, the embedded blossom emerges, richly shaped and colourful.
Almost everything about this tea is handmade. Only a few so-called master binders are allowed to bind the dried white tea leaves into a ball shape, because the knowledge of this rare art is strictly guarded. Thus, ErblühTee remains a precious rarity of China.

The preparation

  1. Step: Boil water and immediately pour into cup. Please note: In contrast to the green tea preparation, the use of boiling hot water is necessary here to ensure an optimal opening of the ErblühTeelini.
  2. Step: Carefully place the ErblühTeelini in the water and marvel...
  3. Step: Please observe the recommended infusion time of 6-8 minutes. 2-3 infusions are possible, which will vary in flavour intensity.

The varieties / variations

  • Jasmine Heaven (White tea with jasmine flowers & jasmine aroma)
  • Peach Pearl (white tea with blossoms of rose (Damascena), jasmine & peach aroma)
  • Vanilla Shine (White tea with marigold & vanilla flavour)
  • Lemon Pearl (white tea with blossoms of rose (Centifolia), jasmine & citrus aroma)


Ingredients / Ingredients

White tea (min. 95%); flowers (1-5%) of marigold, rose (damascena), jasmine, rose (centifolia), aroma (vanilla,jasmine,lemon,peach).

Scope of delivery:

  • 8x ErblühTeelini White Tea

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Creano tea flower variation in exclusive cup format "ErblühTeelini" - 8 tea flowers in 4 different varieties (white tea)