Organic Tea Bags Turmeric Chai 20 / 60 Pack*


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  • Organic tea with turmeric, apple, ginger and fennel, slightly spicy and fruity flavour
  • A warming and invigorating blend of teas for all day enjoyment, both hot and cold.
  • Rounded off with milk, the tea blend turns into a delicious turmeric chai latte
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About Creano

We, a young owner-managed family business, see ourselves less as a classic problem solver of everyday items, rather it is our passion to create products that manage to surprise you and bring a smile to you or the recipient. Because it was not expected that a tea infusion could be as exciting as that of our ErblühTee. The recipient could not have guessed that the tea tastes fantastic and looks so enchanting in the small pot, because he or she had never seen ErblühTee before.

Learn that a thermo-teamaker is so much more than an ordinary "tea maker".

We get all this positive feedback and anecdotes every day. Thank you, because that's what drives us to keep creating products for you that give you such great pleasure.


Creano Kurkuma Chai ist eine zimtig würzige Mischung aus unterschiedlichen Chai Gewürzen mit Kurkuma, Apfel, Ingwer und Fenchel. Eine wärmende und belebende Teemischung für den ganzen Tag bis in den Abend hinein, sowohl heiß als auch kalt zu genießen, evtl. abgerundet mit etwas Milch / Pflanzenmilch. Die positiven Eigenschaften der Gewürze, besonders Kurkuma, kombiniert mit Apfel, Ingwer und Fenchel machen diese Teemischung einzigartig, ein Chai Tee der besonderen Art. Der Ingwer sorgt für ganz leichte Schärfe, angenehm wärmend und belebend, besonders an kalten Herbst- und Wintertagen.

Every Creano organic tea blend is developed in Germany and produced in Europe, using the best organic herbs, fruits and plants. Creano is also a member of the German Tea & Herbal Tea Association, so they have committed to the "Code of Conduct". A comprehensive code of conduct that takes into account aspects of quality assurance (including regular quality & residue checks, e.g. pesticide controls) as well as compliance with social and ecological standards.

Bio-Zertifiziert Kontrollstelle DE-ÖKO-003

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Organic spiced tea

With turmeric, cinnamon, liquorice root, ginger, fennel, apple & chai spices

INGREDIENTS *from 100% controlled organic cultivation: Turmeric* (30%), cinnamon* (25%), liquorice root* (12%), ginger* (10%), fennel* (8%), apple* (5%), cardamom* (3%), clove* (2%), cocoa pod* (2%), black pepper* (2%), star anise* (1%). Contains liquorice - excessive consumption of this product should be avoided if you have high blood pressure. Important note: Always pour in sparkling boiling water and allow to steep for at least 5 minutes! This is the only way to obtain a safe food! Store in a cool and dry place.

TASTE Turmeric, Cinnamon & Spicy


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  • Bio-Teebeuetel “Kurkuma-Chai”

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Organic Tea Bags Turmeric Chai 20 / 60 Pack*

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