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ExquisiTea premium quality, easily prepared - whole leaves - top grade - rarity. World first: infusion of tea directly in the cup - just as easy as a tea bag - no teapot, tea bag, filter, tea-fi or anything else necessary.

exquisiTea yellow

a hand-picked rarity of a top class yellow tea with whole yellow-green leaves and leaf tips from Guangxi Province China. A taste and also visual delight! It surprises with its noble yellow-golden cup color and its fruity-floral taste with a slightly sweetish note in the finish. Due to its special quality, the tea also tolerates longer brewing times without embittering.

Easily prepared

A combination of cup-portioned loose leaf tea of premium quality and a cotton thread, allows just as quick and easy preparation as that of an ordinary tea bag tea. The single leaf, held on the cotton thread, unfolds freely in the cup and releases the pure bouquet unfiltered into the infusion. Once the elegant yellow-gold color of the cup has been achieved, the exquisiTea can be easily removed from the cup by means of the cotton thread. The result is an exceptionally mild-floral taste with aesthetically pleasing bound leaves of the highest quality.

The exquisiTea thus combines the qualitative advantages of loose, whole tea leaves of the top grade with the simple preparation, equal to that of a tea bag. It allows convenient infusion of loose tea directly in the cup, without having to use a tea pot, filter or tea-fi. The exquisiTea yellow can be infused up to 3x.

Yellow tea

exquisiTea contains tea.


-12 exquisiTea yellow, 24gr net.

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