6s ErblühTeelini "White Tea

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in noble magnetic box with silver embossing

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The well-known ErblühTee now also as Teelini in a practical format for one cup. The preparation of the tea rose is similar in effort to that of a normal tea bag, but the fascination is incomparable. The Blooming Tea is included in the varieties peach, vanilla, lemon and jasmine

Fascination "ErblühTeelini

A Teelini is a finely flavored ErblühTee in a format specially developed for use as a cup portion. A Teelini is ErblühTee, which is characterized by simple handling like a tea bag. It offers the connoisseur an extraordinary experience: inside the ball is an artfully integrated exotic blossom. However, the ball only reveals its secret when it is placed in a cup of boiling hot water. It begins to open slowly and after a short time brings out the embedded flower.

World novelty flowering teelini

The revolutionary novelty lies in the combination of cup-portioned ErblühTee with integrated cotton thread, which allows easy handling equal to a tea bag. A cotton thread is integrated in an ErblühTeelini, which does not interfere with the opening process of the ball. However, the thread allows easy removal from the cup to conveniently enjoy the flavorful tea after the brewing time is over. The rich tea of a Teelini allows 2-3 infusions.

The taste experience

In taste, the white tea is light and sweet with a distinctive fruity aroma. The different artfully incorporated flowers and variety-dependent fine flavors (vanilla, jasmine, peach and lemon) give the ErblühTeelini an additional individual flavor note.

The preparation

Step 1: Boil water and immediately pour into cup. Please note: In contrast to green tea preparation, the use of boiling hot water is necessary here to ensure optimal opening of the ErblühTeelinis.
Step 2: Carefully put ErblühTeelini into the water and be amazed...
Step 3: Please note the recommended infusion time of 6-8 minutes. 2-3 infusions are possible, which will vary in flavor intensity.

The varieties / variations

Jasmine Heaven (White tea with jasmine flowers & jasmine aroma)
Lemon Pearl (White tea with rose and jasmine blossom & citrus flavor)
Vanilla Shine (White tea with marigold & vanilla flavor)
Peach Pearl (White tea with rose and jasmine blossom & peach flavor)

The ingredients

White tea (min. 95%), flowers (1-5%) of marigold, rose (damascena), jasmine, rose (centifolia), aroma (vanilla, jasmine, lemon, peach).

The Creano Magnet Box

The 6 ErblühTeelini balls in 4 different variations are packaged in a noble matte black with a silver embossed magnetic box, which makes the tea experience from the first moment to something very special. The high-quality workmanship and stability also ensures use after the tea has been consumed and can be refilled as desired with refills of ErblühTee balls. A decorative use offers itself as well...

The content

1 Creano ErblühTeelini magnet box
6 Creano ErblühTeelini in 4 different variations

Ingredients / Ingredients

White tea (min. 95%); flowers (1-5%) of marigold, rose (damascena), jasmine, rose (centifolia), aroma (vanilla,jasmine,lemon,peach).

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