ErblühTee "Black Tea" bulk pack

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ErblühTee balls in 3 variations, individually sealed in foil in packs of 36 or 72

The fascination of "ErblühTee
The ErblühTee from Creano offers the connoisseur an extraordinary experience: Inside the ball is an artfully bound exotic blossom. But the ball only reveals its secret when it is placed in a vessel with boiling hot water. It slowly begins to open and at the end of the infusion, the embedded blossom emerges, rich in form and color.

The taste experience
The taste of this black tea is unusually sweet and mild. It tolerates exceptionally long brewing times without too
embitter and convinces with its full-bodied aromatic taste. The different artfully incorporated flowers of ErblühTee give the tea an additional individual flavor note.

The preparation

  • Step 1: Boil about 500ml water and immediately pour into glass jug. Please note: In contrast to the green tea preparation
    necessary here the use of boiling hot water to ensure optimal opening of the ErblühTee balls.
  • Step 2: Carefully put ErblühTee ball into the water and be amazed...
  • Step 3: Please note the recommended minimum brewing time. This high-quality black tea tolerates long steeping times without embittering.
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