Box of 6 ErblühTee "Green Tea

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6x tea roses in 3 variations

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ErblühTee - ball opens in the pot and unfolds all its beauty. Each tea ball can be poured up to 3 times - therefore yielding for about 1.5l tea

Box of 6 ErblühTee Green Tea "Fruity Flavor" Novelty - ErblühTee Green Tea "Fruity Flavor".

A new creation ErblühTee, made from fine green tea, bound with
colorful flowers, such as elderberry, hibiscus, jasmine, rose and marigold.
Extra fruity flavored with mango, strawberry, cherry, lemon, raspberry and peach.

Creano's flowering teas reveal their full beauty when brewed in a teapot. The flowering tea balls contain naturally incorporated flowers that not only release the aromas of fine teas in hot water, but also bloom beautiful flowers.

36pcs bulk pack ErblühTee Green Tea: a selection of 36 ErblühTees Green Tea in 6 varieties, net weight about 250gr.

Green tea, flowers of hibiscus, marigold, jasmine, rose and elderberry, aroma (peach, lemon, mango, strawberry, raspberry, cherry

- an extra fruity variety of flavors (mango, peach, lemon, cherry, strawberry, raspberry)
- fine green tea, can be infused up to 3 times
- beautiful combinations of flowers, offer infusions to amaze
- Brewing time: at least 10 minutes or more
- ErblühTees are bound by hand
- Controlled quality


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