2x 36 pack - ErblühTee "Black Tea" + ErblühTeelini "White Tea

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The fascination of "ErblühTee

The ErblühTee from Creano offers the connoisseur an
extraordinary experience: inside the sphere there is
an artfully bound exotic flower. Your secret
The sphere only unfolds its full effect when it is placed in a vessel with boiling water.
hot water is given. It begins to open slowly
and brings at the end of the infusion staging the embedded
flower that emerges from it rich in form and colorful

The blossomingTeelini

A Teelini is a finely flavored ErblühTee in
a format specially designed for use as a cup portion. A
Teelini is ErblühTee, which is characterized by simple handling equal to a
Tea bag distinguishes. Inside the ball is an elaborate
integrated exotic flower. But its secret unfolds the ball,
when placed in a cup of boiling hot water.

The varieties / variations

Jasmine Heaven (White tea with
Jasmine Flowers & Jasmine Aroma)
Peach Pearl (White tea with flowers of rose
(Damascena), Jasmine & Peach Aroma).
Vanilla Shine (White tea with calendula
& vanilla flavor)
Lemon Pearl (White tea with flowers of rose
(Centifolia), jasmine & citrus aroma).

The ingredients
White tea (min. 95%), flowers (1-5%) of rose (damascena), marigold,
Rose (Centifolia), Jasmine, Aroma (Peach, Vanilla, Jasmine, Lemon)
Black tea (min. 95%); flowers (1-5%) of marigold, rose.

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