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  • Glass design
    Our ambition is to combine the highest level of design and functionality in our products. Our tea makers and double-walled glasses are exclusively handmade from high-quality and heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Due to the robust and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the glasses, tea cups and tea pots can be produced with relatively thin walls and still have a practicable impact & scratch resistance. The advantage: the glasses are thus light and pleasant to handle and also delicate in appearance. Our glass products are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, heat and frost resistant, shock & scratch resistant.

    Glass design

  • Coffee
    Filtering coffee by hand is "in" again. And rightly so! More and more restaurants and private households are returning to the classic filter coffee, by hand filtering. On the one hand, the developed ecological awareness contributes to wanting to avoid unnecessary plastic waste of coffee capsules as best as possible, on the other hand, it is the taste component that makes hand-filtered coffee. The grind of the coffee determines its flow rate and taste. The finer the grind of the coffee, the slower the throughput speed. The slower the throughput speed, the stronger and more powerful the coffee's taste, and vice versa. Based on the grind and the amount of coffee, you can individually adjust the taste and strength.


  • Stainless steel thermo mug

    Stainless steel thermo mug

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  • ErblühTeelini


  • New: Organic herbal tea

    New: Organic herbal tea

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