Creano Large Gift Set IV

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6x tea jewelry pieces angel in heart wooden box + glass teapot with stainless steel strainer | 800ml

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Heat resistant: The 0.8l pot is handcrafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass and can withstand large temperature fluctuations. Tea Jewelry Angels by Creano: An exceptional gift for tea drinkers. 6 tea jewelry pieces in the shape of an angel consisting of purely natural ingredients (green tea and real flowers).

The Creano Tea Jewels
The TeeSchmuckstücke, a combination of fine tea leaves and
aromatic colorful flowers, combines visual elegance with
taste class. The shapes disintegrate during the brewing process to loose
tea and unfold their delicate aroma.

The ingredients
Green tea (min. 95%)
Jasmine flowers (1-5%)
Note: Store in a cool and dry place, TeeSchmuckstücke contain tea.

The Creano teapot
The Creano teapot with integrated stainless steel strainer was specially designed for
the preparation of loose teas and tea jewels
designed. During production, the special requirements
that this teapot has to fulfill in order to achieve the visual
and taste magic of loose teas and tea jewels
to develop optimally.
By simply removing the stainless steel strainer, this teapot is
likewise for the use of tea bags and even ErblühTees /
Tea balls universal use.

The features of Creano teapot

Capacity approx. 800ml
heat resistant
suitable for dishwasher, microwave
and teapot

This Creano teapot is due to its manual production a
Unique piece. For the mouth blown glass teapot is used exclusively
high-quality and heat-resistant borosilicate glass is used.

The content
TeaJewelry angel shape with jasmine flowers
handmade glass jug made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass,
stainless steel strainer included, approx. 800ml
high quality decoration box

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