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Conventional glass shatters when exposed to heat. This is not the case with borosilicate glass, which has a very high melting point - and is quite heat-resistant. The reason for this is its low coefficient of thermal expansion. Can be heated directly on the stove: Due to the very good heat resistance, the teapot can be used on an electric hob (we do not recommend using it on a gas stove).

The Creano Blossom Tea Pot
The Creano teapot was developed specifically for the Erblüh tea and is unique in this form. During production, the special requirements that this teapot must meet in order to optimally develop the visual and taste magic of this tea were taken into account. Thus, through its dimensions and shape, the teapot magnificently brings out the advantages of the Erblüh tea and stages a fascinating infusion with perfect aesthetic bloom. Its customized capacity contributes to the refinement of the noble taste.
- Capacity approx. 500ml/1L/1.5L
- Height: 15cm
- Heat resistant up to -20°C to +150°C
- suitable for dishwasher, microwave and teapot warmer
This Creano teapot is unique due to its manual production. Only high-quality and heat-resistant borosilicate glass is used for the mouth-blown glass teapot.

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