Creano gift set glass teapot with stainless steel strainer | 800ml

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+ set of 6 heart tea jewels (green tea)

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The 0.8l pot is handmade of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and can withstand large temperature fluctuations. 6 tea ornaments in the shape of a heart consisting of purely natural ingredients (green tea and real flowers).

1 teapot 800ml with stainless steel strainer + tea jewelry heart in wooden box with engraving
The tea jewels, a composition of fine tea leaves and aromatic colorful flowers, combines visual elegance with taste class.
The heart shapes disintegrate into loose tea during the brewing process and release their delicate aroma.
The ideal gift with special expressiveness.

Set content
1 teapot 800ml with stainless steel strainer + 6 tea jewelry heart-shaped, high quality in richly decorated wooden gift box.
Net weight about 36gr, green tea, natural flowers.
Ingredients / Ingredients
Green tea (min. 95%); Rose (Damascena) flowers (1-5%).

Packaging Information TeaJewels
Each piece of tea jewelry is individually vacuum sealed, so that long shelf life and high quality in freshness and taste are guaranteed.
The tea hearts are also packaged in a high quality wooden gift box with engraved heart decor.


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