Creano Tea Maker "Teamaker" | 400 ml

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Various colors available: gray, green, purple, pink, black, turquoise.
with strainer for loose tea incl. neoprene bag

Tea joy with the stylish Creano Teamaker in the colors black, gray, pink, purple, green and turquoise with 400ml capacity! The Teamaker was developed for all those tea drinkers who like to drink tea and do not want to do without it even in the office or on the road. The tea maker can be used for the preparation of loose tea, herbal tea, fruit tea or even iced tea. Simply fill the strainer with the desired tea, close the lid and turn the entire teamaker upside down. After the desired brewing time, turn it upside down again, drain and enjoy. Delicious fruit spritzers can also be conjured up with fresh fruit in the teamaker (Fruit Infuser). The glass is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The tea maker is equipped with a robust stainless steel strainer and lid. When tightly closed, the teamaker is 100% leak-proof and therefore leak-proof for on the go! The stylish silicone cover gives the teamaker a firm stand and supports the handling during tea preparation. The large glass opening with a diameter of approx. 5.5cm also allows drinking directly from the glass.

Instructions for use Neoprene bag:
Neoprene bag with loop can be used as an alternative to the silicone slipcase. We recommend the use of the neoprene bag with loop, because it has a double insulating function:
a) Teamaker is easier to handle/avoids hot fingers
b) Tea stays hot longer/ice tea stays cold longer

The preparation

Step 1: Twist off the strainer from the lid and fill with tea
Step 2: Attach filled sieve to lid by rotation
Step 3: Fill teamaker with hot water and screw on lid with strainer
Step 4: Turn over the teapot and enjoy the tea

The application Suitable for the preparation of all types of teas. Easy to use and easy to clean.
Suitable for dishwasher, scratch and shock resistant.
Set includes 1 teamaker with stainless steel strainer and lid, silicone sleeve & neoprene bag,
Capacity 400ml

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