Creano Multi-Set Tea Maker "Teamaker" | 400 ml

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Sets of 2 or 3 - glass tea bottles to go with strainer for loose tea incl. neoprene bags

The thermo teamaker is a premium product of the highest quality
We have incorporated our years of tea maker development expertise into this product, using only the highest quality materials. In detail, the double-walled
Thermo teamaker via a manually removable stainless steel sieve, which is ideal for preparing all types of teas.
Its fine-pored strainer filters even the smallest tea particles and keeps the container free of unwelcome tea leaf residue.
The glass and strainer can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Among the special features of the double-walled borosilicate glass:
We use a reinforced glass base so that the Teamaker can withstand stronger impacts in everyday use.

The teamaker is supplied with closed bottom (without blowhole)
manufactured, so that a later water ingress and defect in
of the dishwasher can be excluded.
Double thermo effect:
The thermo-teamaker has a double thermo effect.
The combination of insulating double-walled glass and
high quality made felt bag
guarantee a long-lasting thermal effect, so that the tea stays hot for over 2 hours. Cold drinks stay cold for up to 4 hours.

In addition, the design bag additionally protects against shocks
in daily use and prevents breakage.

The high-quality processed lid with stainless steel cap
makes the Teamaker to 100% tight and leak-proof and qualifies it for popular to-go use for
on the way.
The gift box
The extremely high quality round gift box makes the
Teemaker to an ideal gift
The content
Set of 2 or 3 consisting of:
double-walled Thermo Teamaker with stainless steel strainer & lid (each in the selected colors)
Felt bags with zipper & carrying loop (each in the selected colors)
high quality round gift boxes

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