Creano set of 2 thermos glass "Hummi" | 250ml, In Exclusive Gift Box

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  • Cool outside, no more burning!: The double wall gives off much less heat/cold to the environment than normal glasses. As a result, cold stays cold longer and hot stays hot longer! No water condenses on the surface of the glass during cold drinks, so no water rings form. The glass is evenly tempered.
  • Pretty floating effect with effect: The double wall gives any drink a floating look, whether it's coffee, tea, cappuccino, cola or other drinks.
  • Dishwasher safe and very robust: The borosilicate glass is very heat resistant, scratch resistant, robust and of course dishwasher safe. The design is applied to the inside of the glass and therefore holds even after long use.
  • Many more great designs/colors: The Creano double-walled glasses are available in the designs Colourfly (butterfly/red/blue/green), Hummi (hummingbird/red/blue/green), Flower of Life and without design.

The Creano thermo glass Hummi The thermo glass is stylish and functional at the same time - the mouth-blown double-walled glass with its excellent insulating properties makes it possible! The fascinating hummingbird is located on the inner glass, so that this retains its beauty even after long use.For manufacturing, heat-resistant borosilicate glass is used, which is light and delicate, but still robust masters the high demands of everyday use.Thanks to the insulating effect - made possible by the air between the glass layers - hot drinks such as coffee or tea stay hot longer and cold drinks stay cold longer. In addition, the double-walled glass ensures that the outer glass is always at an even temperature, so that possible finger burns are a thing of the past. Another great effect: no annoying condensation, so no annoying edges on the table when enjoying cold drinks.

The features of the thermo glass Hummi

  • Insulating
  • handmade
  • made of heat resistant borosilicate glass
  • 250 ml capacity
  • dishwasher safe

The content 2x Creano thermos glass "Hummi


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