Creano set of 2 tea glass "All-In-One", 3 pcs. | 400ml

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1x with stainless steel filter / 1x with glass filter

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The tea glass with handle works cleanly and well without dripping! The stainless steel strainer retains even the smallest tea particles, never again tea sediment in the glass. The lid included in the set of XXL glass can also serve as a coaster for the tea strainer

The Creano tea glass "all-in-one
The tea glass "all-in-one" with integrated glass / stainless steel filter and lid: practical, fast and clean without dripping - these are the versatile
Attributes of the Creano tea glass "all-in-one
For the production only high quality heat resistant
Borosilicate glass used.
The features
- Tea cup wt strainer, handmade
- Suitable for hot and cold drinks
- Practical for the preparation of loose tea
- XXL tea glass capacity: 400ml
- Also suitable for dishwasher and teapot warmer
The handling
After the tea has steeped, place the filter directly into the filter holder.
Head placed glass lid.


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