Creano illuminated glass - touchOn!glass | Blue & Green | 300ml

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The large party glass is made of high quality material and produced in Europe. Colorful colors: When the light rays flood the glass, ice cubes shine like jewels, plain water gets either arctic style or glow effect

The touchON!glass
Almost like magic: Just a light touch with the fingers is enough and the touchOn!glass starts to glow. No switch, no visible electronics, no cables - simply magical luminosity to amaze! When the light beams flood the glass, ice cubes glow like jewels, simple water gets either arctic style or glow effect. Cool design, super cool effect, ingenious idea: touchON!glass incorporates technical innovation coupled with a special manufacturing process.
Product information
- Capacity
- Qualitative
high quality glass, produced in Europe
- touch = LED
lights up; release = LED goes out
- Long life LED is
airtight into the glass base - with
following advantages: Technology is in front of
Moisture and environmental influences protected,
which prevents a technical defect.
- LED has a
Lighting duration of approx. 200 hours (lighting duration
> 2 years, with an average
Usage time of 15 minutes per day;
Luminous period = 4 years at a
average usage time of 7 minutes
- Battery can not
be changed. Glass can also be changed after its
Luminous period used as a decorative drinking glass
Instructions for use
- Glass before use
wash and dry with a cloth
- Glass not below 0°C
Cool down or heat above 65°C
- Condensation on the
Exterior glass causes glow of the glass,
therefore keep glass dry from the outside, should
Luminaires not be desired
- We recommend to use the
Glass to be washed by hand! In the
Dishwasher only in gentle cycle resp.
Glasses program - at 45°C. Please note:
Dishwasher = water = lights =
Reduction of the lighting duration!
- Glass not for
Microwave, induction, teapot warmer or oven


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