Creano double walled thermos glass "high" | 400ml

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incl. tea flower "white tea

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1 x 400ml Creano thermo glass, double walled XXL glass with floating effect
1x Creano white tea / tea flowers / tea roses / tea flowers / Individually vacuum packed

Double-walled tea glass or coffee glass made of high-quality borosilicate glass in 250ml and 400ml, which keeps hot drinks hot longer and cold drinks cold longer. In addition, the double-walled glass ensures that the outer glass is always at an even temperature, so that possible finger burns are a thing of the past.
SPECIAL FEATURES: Due to the optical floating effect, the drink seems to float in the glass. In addition, there is no annoying condensation, so no annoying edges on the table when enjoying cold drinks, ideal for use as a cocktail glass.
FEATURES: 250ml and 400ml, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe & extra shock & scratch resistant.
USES: coffee glass / tea glass / latte coffee glass / latte macchiato glass / whiskey glass / tumbler glass / starter glass / double-walled glass / thermal glass / insulating glass / cocktail glass / whiskey glass / tumbler glass / starter glass / latte coffee glass

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