Creano Organic Herbal Teas

The basis of our herbal tea blends are the best ingredients. 100 % organic quality of all herbs, fruits, spices & flavors are equally natural and obligatory for us. In addition, our exquisite teas are produced according to IFS-certified production under the highest standards of food safety and quality. In this context, sensory and analytical tests are carried out regularly to ensure a high level of product safety and quality.

We are aware of our responsibility for a sustainable and ecological production method. Therefore, we are in close exchange with the partners in the countries of origin, develop and produce our herbal-fruit tea range in Europe.

The core motivation for the development of this special tea assortment was the desire to create multi-dimensional taste experiences. Our blends are not reducible to one or a few flavor components; rather, the customer experiences a multifaceted array of tastes that follow one another and conclude harmoniously. With each sip of tea, this game begins anew: one note merges into another, which finally merge and become one. This versatility in taste is what makes our range unique across all 9 blends.

"Our customers have an extremely high expectato Creano products that we want to live up to!"

Carsten Bartscht

Managing Director, Creano GmbH

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Highest standards in quality, product safety & sustainability


  • Constant and high quality as well as safety of the products through regular controls of the raw material
  • Close contact with contractors in the countries of origin
  • Sensory testing (taste, odor, color, appearance) of all raw materials and finished products
  • Analytical testing of raw material for pesticides, microbiology, heavy metals, bulk volume, screen sizes, etc.
  • Additional physical analysis of herbs and fruits, e.g. for loss on drying and oil content, if any.
ErblühTee Black tea
ErblühTee Black tea
  • Analyses, among others, by the accredited laboratory SGS Institut Fresenius
  • IFS (International Featured Standards Food, higher level) and HACCP (food hygiene regulations).
  • Constant monitoring of the legal requirements applicable to Europe
  • Requirements for the composition, quality and labeling of food products
  • Permanent improvement of products and processes
  • Traceability from the end product to the raw material
  • Ecologically sustainable and meaningful action as well as the awareness of a social responsibility


We are a member of the German Tea Association. This means that we have committed ourselves to the "Code of Conduct".

Organic Certified
Control point DE-ÖKO-005 and 003
Quality assurance
Regular quality & residue checks
(e.g. pesticide controls)
Observance of social production standards
Participation in development processes in the tea industry

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