The Creano ErblühTeelini

for the special tea glass

ErblühTeelini - fun in a jar.

Teelini are special blossom teas in cup portion. In addition, Teelini are enhanced with fruity flavors, such as peach, cherry, jasmine, lemon, vanilla and many other ideas. They are equipped with a practical cotton thread. Thus, they are ErblühTees, which are characterized by easy handling equal to a tea bag.

Inside the ball are artfully integrated flowers, such as jasmine, marigold and rose. But the ball unfolds its secret only when it is placed in a cup of boiling hot water.

After the tea has been steeped, the flowers have blossomed and the fruity aromas have developed their full bouquet, a Teelini can simply be lifted out of the cup by means of cotton thread, as easily as with an ordinary tea bag.

A tasteful selection of teas can be found in the ErblühTeelini range: ErblühTeelini White tea, Black tea and green tea.

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ErblühTeelini - black, white and green tea

ErblühTeelini - Black Tea

The black tea

The black tea and the delicate aromas (caramel, jasmine, rose and cherry) give Erblüh Teelini a fruity flavor note.

The teelinis are enhanced with fruity flavors such as caramel, cherry, jasmine, bergamot, rose,... and equipped with a practical cotton thread to be easily used in the cup like a tea bag.

Varieties / Variations

  • Jasmine Dream (Black tea with jasmine flowers & jasmine aroma)
  • Cherry Pearl (Black tea with rose and jasmine flowers & cherry flavor)
  • Caramel Shine (Black tea with marigold & caramel flavor)
  • Bergamot Pearl (Black tea with rose and jasmine flowers & bergamot flavor)

The white tea

The mild white tea and delicate aromas (vanilla, jasmine, peach and lemon) give Erblüh Teelini a fruity flavor note.

Almost everything about this tea is handmade. Only a few so-called master binders are reserved to bind the dried leaves of white tea into a ball shape, because the knowledge of this rare art is strictly guarded. Thus, the ErblühTeelini remains a valuable rarity of China.

Varieties / Variations (also available as BIO)

  • Jasmine Heaven (White tea with jasmine flowers & jasmine aroma)
  • Peach Pearl (White tea with flowers of rose, jasmine & peach aroma)
  • Vanilla Shine (White tea with marigold & vanilla flavor)
  • Lemon Pearl (White tea with flowers of rose, jasmine & citrus flavor)
ErblühTeelini - White Tea

ErblühTeelini - easy to prepare

Step 1

Boil water and immediately pour into cup. Please note: In contrast to green tea preparation, the use of boiling hot water is necessary here to ensure optimal opening of the ErblühTeelini.

Step 2

Carefully put ErblühTeelini into the water and be amazed...

Step 3

Please note the recommended infusion time of 6-8 minutes. 2-3 infusions are possible, which will vary in flavor intensity.

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