Porcelain coffee filters are back in fashion!

Our sustainable porcelain coffee filters

Filtering coffee by hand is "in" again. And rightly so!

More and more restaurants and private households are returning to the classic filter coffee, by hand filtering. On the one hand, the developed ecological awareness contributes to wanting to avoid unnecessary plastic waste of coffee capsules as best as possible, on the other hand, it is the taste component that makes hand-filtered coffee.

The grind of the coffee determines its throughput speed and taste. The finer the grind of the coffee, the slower the throughput speed. The slower the throughput speed, the stronger and more powerful the coffee taste and vice versa. Based on the grind and the amount of coffee, you can individually adjust the taste and strength.

Coffee designs at a glance

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All colors of Creano coffee filters

All colors of Creano porcelain coffee filter

Our porcelain coffee filters come in many different colors. 
In our store we additionally offer different sets, which can be displayed by clicking on the filter selection on the left side.

The coffee preparation with the Creano ceramic filter

Our coffee filter in fast forward:

  • for fast, manual coffee preparation
  • with 1-hole fast flow
  • Brewing possible directly in the cup or pot
  • Suitable for standard size 4 filter bags
  • Internal grooves promote homogeneous coffee flow
  • made of high quality porcelain, with abrasion resistant glaze
  • Dishwasher safe, easy & residue free cleaning

Note on preparation:

  1. Put filter on cup or pot
  2. Insert filter bag (size 4)
  3. Fill filter bag with coffee grounds
  4. Pour hot water over coffee evenly
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