Cool design, super cool effect, brilliant idea

Almost like magic

Just a light touch with your fingers is enough and the touchOn!glass starts to glow. No switch, no visible electronics, no cables - simply magical luminosity to amaze! When the light beams flood the glass, ice cubes glow like jewels, simple water gets either arctic style or glow effect.

Product information

  • Capacity 300ml
  • Available in 2 colors, green and blue
  • High quality glass, produced in Europe
  • touch = LED lights up; release = LED goes out
  • Long-life LED is incorporated airtight in the glass base - with the following advantages: Technology is protected from moisture and environmental influences,
    which prevents a technical defect.
  • LED has a lighting duration of approx. 200 hours (lighting duration > 2 years,
    at an average usage time of 15 minutes daily; luminous period = 4 years at an average usage time of
    7 minutes daily).
  • Battery can not be changed. Glass can be used as a decorative drinking glass even after its luminous period.

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